Pain Medication Secrets

There are thousands of different medications out there to treat various ailments and conditions, many of which we will never need to take during our lifetimes. However, pain medications are a major exception. Whether dealing with a broken bone, an abscessed tooth, back pain or any number of other conditions or circumstances, chances are high that you’re going to be dealing with severe pain more than once in your life or even be forced to suffer chronic pain. Since you’ll likely end up taking pain medications, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Pain Medication Secrets Your Doctor May Not Tell You, to shed some light on what you may not know.

Acetaminophen is Even More Dangerous than the Opioids


You’ve already heard about some of the dangers of opioids like hydrocodone, but what your doctor may not tell you is that acetaminophens like Tylenol (which are often mixed with opioids in strong pain medications) are even more dangerous if taken rashly. An overdose of acetaminophen can lead to permanent liver damage, which could even result in death. Nor is there only a threat from a single large dose; data from a liver center showed that an overdose consisting of multiple doses spread throughout a day was even more likely to be fatal than single-dose overdoses.

Safeguard Your Pills


You’re not the only one at risk of overdosing on, or becoming addicted to, your own pills. Millions of kids are now abusing these medications as well, and not only their own. Kids are more likely to get opioids from their grandmother’s medicine cabinet than anywhere else. As such, dangerous medications should be hidden away or even locked in a safety box to keep them out of the hands of kids or grandkids. Likewise, ensure you’re disposing of your unneeded pills safely and covertly.



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