Bruising Easily

Are black, blue, or red bruises common even with just the slightest of bumps and nudges? If you are tired of feeling like a walking bruised banana,  check out these 10 factors that could help you figure out why you bruise so easily and frequently.

1. Diabetes


Constant and frequent bruising could be a symptom of diabetes. Those who are suffering from diabetes often spot bruises, particularly in areas where skin touches other skin. In reality, these are not real bruises, just a sign of insulin resistance. Next time you spot a bruise, check with your doctor to test your blood sugar levels.

 2. Certain Medications


Certain drugs or medications like oral contraceptives, prednisolone, and prednisone can weaken your blood vessels and heighten your risks of bruising easily. Some other medications like anticoagulant medication, aspirin, and antiplatelet agents can also bring down your blood’s ability to clot.


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