6. If You Don’t Take A Break From Those Rigorous Workouts


When it comes to exercising, pushing yourself to the edge can have serious consequences.  Straining your muscles can lead to bruising. The microscopic tears that are produced in your muscle fibers while exercising can cause bruises. Even rigorous sports activities can end up bruising you. Don’t feel guilty about taking a day or two off; your body needs its rest.

7. Sunburn


Sunlight is necessary to keep up your body’s vitamin D levels. However, too much time in the sun without sunscreen can damage your skin, ultimately resulting in a burn. Sunburns can destroy your skin’s protective shield, making it prone to bruises. Sun damage also slows down skin repair and makes bruises look more obvious.

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8. Blood Disorders

blood disorders

Bruising can also be a sign of conditions like hemophilia or leukemia. This often happens when your blood fails to clot effectively. If you are someone who keeps getting bruised regularly, you should speak with your doctor about blood tests to rule out the possibility of hemophilia or leukemia.

9. Vitamin C Deficiency

vitamin c

Vitamin C is essential for strong immunity and skin repair. It could be that you have a deficiency of vitamin C if your bruising is constant. See your doctor and get yourself checked, as vitamin C is essential for your well being.

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10. Extremely Pale Skin

pale skin

The color of your skin as is doesn’t have anything to do with the bruising. But bruises are often very evident on pale skin as opposed to on people who are a few shades darker.

Bruising once in a while is completely natural and normal. However,  you have to be careful if your bruises pop up frequently, particularly if you have not had any specific or traumatic accidents recently. Do not ever hesitate to get yourself checked if something about your bruises feels abnormal or untimely.

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