10 Reasons You May Suffer from Erectile Dysfunction

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8. Performance Anxiety


Your brain has just as much to do with sex as do your private parts. Worry over the ability to achieve or maintain an erection can create a vicious cycle in which your fears are realized. Making love with a loving, caring, committed partner prevents the worries and fears associated with the pressure to “perform well”. Relax and enjoy the beauty of your relationship and allow those fears to fall away. Talk to your doctor if anxiety is preventing you from enjoying normal activities including sex.

7. Relationship Issues

Tension In The Relationship

If you and your spouse have been at odds or if you harbor feelings of resentment or anger toward your lover, your sexual relationship may be negatively affected. Your body may not react in the desired way when your mind is festering with negative thoughts and emotions. Sincere and open communication in an atmosphere of love and respect can heal your relationship and pave the way to a healthy, satisfying sex life. Working to improve your relationship outside of the bedroom can do wonders to improve your relationship between the sheets.

6. Stress and Fatigue


Like any other aspect of your life, your sex life can be affected by stress, fatigue, and exhaustion. Your body requires nutrition, exercise, and sleep in order to keep you energetic, focused, and strong. Put in place outlets to relieve stress such as aerobic exercise, taking time to relax, and spending time doing fun activities with friends and family. Allow your body the time to repair cells, strengthen your immune system, and clear toxins by getting enough sleep. Set the stage for a restorative night of sleep by avoiding alcohol and heavy foods two hours before bedtime, dimming the lights, and participating in restful activities before bed.

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