We’ve all been hit by a sudden bout of dizziness, at least a time or two in our lives. But how do we know, if this unexpected sensation of wooziness is merely because we skipped our last dinner and breakfast, or whether it is an indication of more serious trouble?

Intermittent bouts of dizziness can be a prelude to more serious health concerns, such as vertigo, heart ailments, anxiety disorders, migraines, or certain neurological conditions. On the other hand, an episode of dizziness could just as well be due to a lack of nutrients in your diet!

10. Dehydration may lead to unexpected light-headedness


This is often the most obvious culprit! If you are living in a fairly humid region without adequately hydrating yourself, expect to be attacked by dizziness, as your body shouts out for water. This happens all the more if you also suffer from a heart condition. However, this can easily be fixed by a few minutes of relaxation every few hours while you drink up your H2O in plentiful amount.

9. Poor nutrition could manifest as frequent giddiness

poor nutrition

If your diet lacks iron (yes, don’t miss your daily intake of green leafy vegetables), or vitamin B12 (which you get from cereal, dairy, poultry, tofu, and other soy products), you could find yourself a victim to frequent spurts of dizziness. This can also happen if you are anemic. With anemia, your dizziness will also be accompanied by chronic fatigue and a lackluster complexion.

But before you approach a doctor or suspect “vertigo,” fortify your diet with these essential nutrients and monitor the difference. Besides reducing the dizzy spells, your enhanced diet can also dramatically improve your strength and immunity.



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