Feet Disease

Our feet are pretty important, though chances are you don’t think about them much. Generally, when we contemplate them, it’s because there is itching or pain, or some other discomfort. However, sometimes even subtle changes in the feet could be indicators of something bigger. The parts of the bodies are all connected, so sometimes symptoms in one area of the body can be a sign of trouble elsewhere. The feet are no exception, as underlying symptoms can surface there. Keeping in mind that foot changes don’t necessarily guarantee a serious illness, consider these warning signs, and what they might mean.

10. Dry skin

dry skin

Dry skin is a pretty common problem, not just on the feet. However, if the skin is really dry regardless of what you do to it (moisturizers, etc.), then it may be indicative of a thyroid problem. Essentially, dry skin in such a case would indicate that the thyroid gland, located at the base of the neck, was damaged or malfunctioning. The thyroid gland is very important for the body, because the hormones it produces regulate numerous processes, including significant ones such as blood pressure, nervous system development, and the growth of new tissue. Relentlessly dry skin? Call a doctor.

9. Bald Toes

bald toes

You may not think that the hair on your toes is a big deal, but if it’s there, and then gone, you may be suffering from arterial disease. Bald toes can result from poor blood circulation, which also tends to have numerous other symptoms. If hair loss on the toes is accompanied by thin and shiny skin, less hair on the rest of the feet and the ankles, or even changes in skin color (or if your toes regularly feel cold, even if the rest of your body doesn’t), then it may be time to seek out a medical professional.


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