2. Talking

people talk

Simply engaging in conversation may raise your blood pressure levels. This can be easy to understand if you consider the way you feel when a discussion escalates into an argument. A study in Psychosomatic Medicine suggests that individuals with a higher baseline blood pressure experience greater jumps in blood pressure than those with lower baseline blood pressures. Interestingly, this study reports that some individuals experience an increase in blood pressure of 25 to 40% within 30 seconds of beginning a conversation.

1. Suffering from Certain Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

You may realize that diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease are risk factors for hypertension. However, there are other medical conditions that can also contribute to high blood pressure. The Mayo Clinic reports that thyroid issues resulting in either high or low levels of thyroid hormone can cause hypertension. Furthermore, conditions that affect your sodium-potassium balance can affect your blood pressure. Chronic kidney disease, diarrhea, and excessive alcohol use can deplete your potassium levels and cause high blood pressure.



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