It’s no surprise that the weight loss industry is rich. Dieting products, supplements, and workout programs make billions of dollars in revenue each year. So many Americans attempt to lose weight and fail or succeed temporarily just to gain it back again. But maybe the extra weight and yo-yo dieting are harming your life in more ways than one. Read ahead for 10 surprising benefits to maintaining a healthy weight year ‘round.

Better Sleep


If you are struggling to fall asleep at night but then feel overly exhausted every morning, you’re not alone. More than forty-five percent of adult Americans report some form of insomnia or sleep issue. But maybe your diet is to blame. Even a few extra pounds over a healthy weight can cause sleeplessness, especially if your vice is to indulge in high-fat foods late at night. Instead, try to finish eating around 8 pm every night, and stick to soothing herbal teas to relax you to sleep.

Less Joint Pain

Joint Pain

While running is arguably the most effective exercise to lose extra weight, it’s not for everyone. In fact, many effective exercises, like running, cycling or hiking quickly become stressful on the body’s joints, and that stress is only intensified for those at higher weights. The result is somewhat of a catch-22, where exercise becomes both the problem and solution for those who need it most. At average weights, however, less pressure is put on knees and ankles during exercise, so more exercise can be done regularly. This is especially why maintaining a healthy weight will keep you happy and functioning, so you can move freely for years to come.


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