Saving Money

Save Money

We’ve all heard the argument that eating healthy is sometimes expensive, and it’s true. With fast food restaurants offering dollar menus and fifty-cent ice cream, sticking to natural foods can sometimes seem pricey in comparison. But think again: while healthy food is a few more dollars at the register, it can ultimately save you money in the long term. Modern healthcare is, unfortunately, far from affordable for many, and obesity only exacerbated the expenses. Doctor’s bills and medication for such weight-related conditions like diabetes is anything but cheap. Keep a natural, healthy weight and your wallet will thank you.

Less sick days

Sick Day

More and more studies suggest that an unhealthy diet will keep you sick. Most attribute high-sugar and high-fat foods to impairing the immune system, and hindering the body’s natural ability to fight infections. And obviously, more sickness means more sick days, either for you or your children. Absence from school or work just costs you valuable time and energy. Instead of the frustration, keep a healthy weight and eat natural foods. You’ll be amazed and how you can show up fully in the world and miss out on less.

Increased Libido

Increased Libido
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It’s no doubt that sex is healthy. Regular intercourse releases serotonin in the brain, a chemical associated with happiness and mental calm. But if you are holding on to some extra pounds, it may be affecting your natural desire for intimacy. But don’t start a juice cleanse just yet, either. Crash dieting or a dramatic restriction of calories in a short amount of time can also wreak havoc on your sex life. Instead of the two extremes, find balance. A healthy weight will keep both you and your partner happy and feeling sexy.



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