It’s no surprise that the weight loss industry is rich. Dieting products, supplements, and workout programs make billions of dollars in revenue each year. So many Americans attempt to lose weight and fail or succeed temporarily just to gain it back again. But maybe the extra weight and yo-yo dieting are harming your life in more ways than one. Read ahead for 10 surprising benefits to maintaining a healthy weight year ‘round.

Better Sleep


If you are struggling to fall asleep at night but then feel overly exhausted every morning, you’re not alone. More than forty-five percent of adult Americans report some form of insomnia or sleep issue. But maybe your diet is to blame. Even a few extra pounds over a healthy weight can cause sleeplessness, especially if your vice is to indulge in high-fat foods late at night. Instead, try to finish eating around 8 pm every night, and stick to soothing herbal teas to relax you to sleep.

Less Joint Pain

Joint Pain

While running is arguably the most effective exercise to lose extra weight, it’s not for everyone. In fact, many effective exercises, like running, cycling or hiking quickly become stressful on the body’s joints, and that stress is only intensified for those at higher weights. The result is somewhat of a catch-22, where exercise becomes both the problem and solution for those who need it most. At average weights, however, less pressure is put on knees and ankles during exercise, so more exercise can be done regularly. This is especially why maintaining a healthy weight will keep you happy and functioning, so you can move freely for years to come.

Saving Money

Save Money

We’ve all heard the argument that eating healthy is sometimes expensive, and it’s true. With fast food restaurants offering dollar menus and fifty-cent ice cream, sticking to natural foods can sometimes seem pricey in comparison. But think again: while healthy food is a few more dollars at the register, it can ultimately save you money in the long term. Modern healthcare is, unfortunately, far from affordable for many, and obesity only exacerbated the expenses. Doctor’s bills and medication for such weight-related conditions like diabetes is anything but cheap. Keep a natural, healthy weight and your wallet will thank you.

Less sick days

Sick Day

More and more studies suggest that an unhealthy diet will keep you sick. Most attribute high-sugar and high-fat foods to impairing the immune system, and hindering the body’s natural ability to fight infections. And obviously, more sickness means more sick days, either for you or your children. Absence from school or work just costs you valuable time and energy. Instead of the frustration, keep a healthy weight and eat natural foods. You’ll be amazed and how you can show up fully in the world and miss out on less.

Increased Libido

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It’s no doubt that sex is healthy. Regular intercourse releases serotonin in the brain, a chemical associated with happiness and mental calm. But if you are holding on to some extra pounds, it may be affecting your natural desire for intimacy. But don’t start a juice cleanse just yet, either. Crash dieting or a dramatic restriction of calories in a short amount of time can also wreak havoc on your sex life. Instead of the two extremes, find balance. A healthy weight will keep both you and your partner happy and feeling sexy.

Improved Confidence

Improved Confidence

Those extra pounds you are carrying around may also be weighing you down in a figurative sense. When we aren’t entirely happy with our appearance, it affects our emotional and social lives as well. If you find yourself avoiding social situations because of your weight, it’s time to act. Beyond the physical benefits, keeping a lean figure will boost your confidence and allow you to achieve your goals and glide through your social life with ease. Imagine your life free from your social anxiety and self-doubt, and let that motivate you to look your best.

Inspire Others


In the age of social media, the possibility to change the lives of those around us is infinite. Though keeping healthy and happy may be a personal journey, in today’s world you can extend that journey to better the lives of others. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are teeming with inspirational stories of those who are making healthy eating work. With all that motivation, losing weight and maintaining it can be interactive and fun.

More Energy

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Diets high in processed food and saturated fats can do more harm than just pack on the pounds. They can also drain your energy and even stimulate hunger rather than suppress it. If you feel a slump in energy throughout your day, don’t grab for the chips or candy. Instead, fuel yourself right with high-protein snacks like yogurt, nuts, or cheese. That way you can power through your workday and still have enough energy for an evening run or yoga class.

Enjoy More Happiness


Those who maintain a healthy weight, and exercise regularly, are reported to be happier than those that are overweight, or even those that diet too extremely. While the number on the scale is only a representation of your physical size, it can take a toll on your mental well being. Anxiety and depression are very common factors in those who struggle with dieting and food. Instead of the intense negativity, you may feel about the issue of weight loss, think of the happiness a healthy weight could bring you. With a happy and clear mind, you can positively impact those around you.

Boost Your Career

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If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your career trajectory, maybe change what you are eating. While the two may sound totally unrelated, they are actually linked. Those with healthy body weights tend to perform better professionally, (remember, less sick days, more confidence) and are more likely to get offered promotions. A healthy weight is a direct reflection of your own sense of self-care and discipline. The best way to show a possible employer your capabilities is first to feel confident and look your best.



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