iron deficiency

While there are many things that could cause an iron deficiency, none of the outcomes is a positive one. It’s very important to keep track of your iron levels for full everyday function of your body. An unchecked iron deficiency could wreak havoc on your body, so take note of these ten symptoms of iron deficiency. Just simple awareness could easily prevent a possibly complicated situation.

10. Shortness of Breath

shortness of breath

As it turns out, iron plays a crucial role in the health of your respiratory system. When you are low in iron, you may feel yourself having a difficult time breathing as you attempt to accomplish even some of your simplest tasks. A low iron level could be responsible for less oxygen circulating throughout the body. While shortness of breath could be caused by other factors such as an infection, bronchitis or disease, it is still definitely worth getting your iron levels checked.

9. Fragile Nails

fragile nails

This is something that more women may recognize sooner than men, but it is still important for all sexes to pay attention to. Fragile and brittle nails are likely to be from an iron deficiency. Any type of strange depression in the nails can also be a sign of low iron levels. With a low iron level, hemoglobin stops being produced and your nails end up not getting enough oxygen to grow properly. Keep your nails healthy and ingest enough iron.



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