Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, is America’s leading COVID-19 expert. His approach with the American people is thoughtful, factual, direct, and no-nonsense.

Over the past six months, Dr. Fauci has provided America with objective and reasonable insights into the coronavirus pandemic. The following are a few of the most useful and thought-provoking insights into COVID-19. 

10. Asymptomatic Infections


Dr. Fauci encourages asymptomatic testing (testing of people who don’t have symptoms) to curb the virus’s spread. Because a person may have COVID and not have any symptoms, it’s vital to test people who may not show the classic COVID-19 symptoms like fevers and cough. By testing asymptomatic people, health officials can identify who may be spreading the virus without knowing it and ask them to isolate themselves. 

9. Wearing Masks

Mask Wearing

Dr. Fauci promotes mask wearing to prevent the spread of COVID. Masks not only prevent the wearer from becoming infected, but it also protects others in case the wearer of the mask is infected and doesn’t know it. 


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