8. COVID Deaths

Covid Effects

Dr. Fauci emphasized that deaths from COVID-19 occur both in people with pre-existing conditions and people with no pre-existing conditions. Although people with pre-existing conditions are more likely to have complications from COVID, people who are young or healthy can still experience severe challenges — or even die– from a COVID infection. 

7. A Return to Normal

Covid Spread

Dr. Fauci recognizes that the battle with COVID will be a long one, and our lives will be disrupted until 2021. Although a vaccine may be available by early 2021, the distribution and manufacturing of a vaccine will take time. 

6. The Status of COVID

Spread Danger

Dr. Fauci emphasized the tenacity of this virus as it spread throughout the world. Although political officials may state that the virus may simply “disappear,” Dr. Fauci warns everyone that the virus isn’t going anywhere unless we take steps to keep it from spreading. This fall and winter may be difficult seasons for everyone. Remaining disciplined about infection control is key. 



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