When it comes to healthcare, nurses are on the front lines. You may be visiting a clinic, checking into an emergency department, or staying in a hospital. In any of these situations, you are likely to spend more time with nurses than with a doctor. Nurses often put in long hours tending to patient needs, assisting physicians, and educating patients and family members. There are many things nurses may wish they could tell their patients. In some cases, this advice may help patients improve their health. In others, it may remind aggravated patients that nurses are people too.

10. Keep Current with Your Vaccinations

Spray Flu Vaccine

Keeping your children up to date on their vaccinations helps protect your children and their classmates against preventable illnesses. Similarly, making sure to get your annual influenza vaccine can keep you from suffering the misery and expense of a bout of the flu. Some individuals mistakenly believe that the flu shot doesn’t work for them or even causes the flu. However, the CDC recommends that everyone age six months and older receive a flu vaccine each year. The flu vaccine prevents millions of influenza illnesses and tens of thousands of hospitalizations each year.

9. Avoid Turning to the Internet for Medical Advice

Internet Medical Advice

It is tempting to turn to the internet to try to diagnose, treat, and understand your illnesses. However, the misinformation and worst-case scenarios presented on the internet can often do more harm than good. Allow your nurse and other medical professionals to use their medical training, experience, and expertise to diagnose your symptoms. Seeking a second opinion for medical advice is sometimes advisable. However, make sure you seek that second opinion from another professional who has your specific medical information at their fingertips.


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