2. Hospitals Are Frequently Understaffed

Understaffed Hospital

It is challenging to wait for things you need, especially if you are in an uncomfortable hospital environment. Understaffing in hospitals can have serious health consequences. AMN Healthcare reports that understaffed hospitals can result in both higher nurse burnout rates and an increased risk of hospital-acquired infections. Keep in mind that your nursing staff is just as frustrated with understaffing as you are.

1. Nurses Choose Their Profession Because They Care

Caring Nurses

When working with your nurse to get the medical attention you need, it can be beneficial to remember your nurse is on your side. Many nurses choose the nursing profession due to their compassion for others and a desire to care for people who are sick and hurting. Stress, overwork, and fatigue can, at times, dampen the joy of their career. However, underneath it all, your nurses are there because they truly care for and want to help their patients.



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