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The coronavirus pandemic has created a new world we’re living in, and we’ve recognized that grocery store workers are more essential than ever. Employees are working hard to keep stores safe and fully stocked to accommodate the growing needs of customers. In return, customers are unintentionally harming these workers.

It’s our job as customers to treat these workers with the same respect and do whatever we can to keep them safe when we enter their store. Read below to see the ways you may be compromising the health of grocery workers so on your next trip you know what to avoid.

10. You Forgot to Wear a Mask and Gloves

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We understand wearing a mask and gloves is not comfortable while shopping. However, according to the CDC, covering your mouth and hands is proven to stop the spread of the virus. Not only does it protect you from catching the virus, but it protects others as well. Grocery workers see a large number of people every day, and each person can make a difference by simply wearing masks and gloves.

9. You Don’t Discard Your Masks and Gloves Properly

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Now that you’re wearing your mask and gloves while shopping, it’s equally important that you dispose of them correctly! If you leave them in the cart or toss them in the parking lot, it’s the employees that will have to throw away these potentially contaminated items. Don’t subject these vulnerable employees to more exposure than they need. Throw your worn masks and gloves away in the trash can.



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