Unsalted Butter

Enjoyed in moderation, butter is a creamy favorite for adding richness and flavor to baked goods, vegetables, or a slice of whole-wheat toast. Olive oil is great for its heart benefits, but sometimes you just can’t beat the consistency and flavor of real butter. Check out these tips to make adding rich, buttery flavor to your kitchen masterpieces even easier.

10. Grate It

Grated Butter

It always happens. You are mixing up a batch of cookies and get to the part where the recipe calls for room temperature butter. Of course, your butter is in the refrigerator and is as solid as a rock. Popping it into the microwave can result in butter that is half melted. An easy trick for adding cold butter to a recipe is to grab your box grater and grate your stick of butter as if it were a block of cheese. In just minutes, those tiny little flakes of butter will be soft enough to mix into your batter.

9. Put It Under a Warm Bowl


If grating your stick of butter to soften it sounds messy or inconvenient, here is another trick you can try. Fill a heat-resistant bowl with hot water and let it stand for about 30 seconds. Next, dump out the water, quickly wipe the bowl dry, and set it upside down over your stick of butter. Let it sit for a minute or two until your butter is softened just the right amount. You will want your butter to be soft enough to mix easily into your batter without leaving cold lumps.


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