Flat Feet

Having flat feet can cause numerous problems in your daily life, such as deciding which shoes to buy, running, and participating in activities. However, this overlooked foot problem is widespread, as it affects 30 percent of people.

Flat feet are a result of the arch of the foot being noticeably lower than normal and can be the cause of several health issues, like body aches and imbalances throughout the body. Flat feet can also be pain triggers, leading to aching joints and hardening of the toes, as well as sore arches, heels, and ankles.

People who have flat feet are more vulnerable to having back pain, knee aches, and soreness in the hips and shoulders. Sometimes the flat feet can be the source of numerous pains in the body and should be examined by a doctor.

If you are noticing irregularities in your feet, it is worth following these 10 workouts and stretches to ease the pain.

1. Tennis Ball


Roll a tennis ball or a rubber ball under your feet to help smooth out the tendons.

2. Foot Roller


Use a foot roller to smooth out ligaments and take some pressure off your foot muscles.


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