10 Warning Signs your Child might have a Mental Disorder

With each day, we are noticing children’s difficulties within the world. It’s hard to admit when someone in your life is showing signs of mental abnormalities, especially if it’s a child. According to NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illnesses, half of all chronic mental disorders begin around age 14, for that, one in every five youths experience mental illnesses. While symptoms vary with age and gender, here are a few clues to help you look for if you suspect any developmental or behavioral disorders.

10. Mood Changes or Frequent Mood Swings

mood swing

Moodiness can be a typical sign of growing up and discovering oneself. However, When it comes to rapidly changing moods or a sudden change in attitude, it can be a signal that something more is going on. Persistent sadness or crying may be the child’s way of showing something deeper is wrong. This behavior can affect the classroom, as well their home life. If you notice signs of isolation or sudden outbursts, be aware that it could be a cause of something more severe.

9. Eating Disorders

eating disorders

There is a wide range of what is considered normal as far as children’s eating habits. Then again, if there is a vast change in diet or eating schedule it can be cause for concern. Body changes may sometimes be a symptom of struggling youth. There are many clues for eating disorders that fall all over the spectrum. A sudden change in appetite can include refusal to eat, using laxatives or binging and purging. On the other hand, be cautious of overeating and weight gain, which can also be a sign of stress or depression.


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