Alcohol or Drug abuse

drug abuse

This relates more to the older youths but drug misuse or abuse can happen at any age, at any time. While experimenting with drugs and alcohol can be a part of growing up and acting out, they are also used to grapple with emotions or uneasiness within oneself that may be caused by mental issues. According to SAMHSA or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2014, approximately 22.5 million Americans, 12 and older, self-reported needing treatment for alcohol or drug misuse.

Increased paranoia


Although fears or worries can be common in children under pre-k, once they reach an older age it becomes a troubling cause. Be aware, there is a difference between normal anxiety and an overly excessive fear created out of thin air. Paranoia is a common sign of mental instability and is not something to be ignored. If you are noticing your child inventing despair and anxiety in their everyday routine, this can be a symptom of something more.

Lack of Concentration

lack of concentration
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Although children are naturally full of energy and rarely want to sit down when told, a lack of concentration may be more than the average jitters. More and more children each year are getting diagnosed with ADHD or other hyperactive disorders that are becoming a burden. However, just because one feels like their child has a common form of ADHD  this doesn’t mean it should get ignored in hopes the child will grow out of it. With a lack of concentration, a child is affected in school and home life and may cause other issues to evolve if left untreated.



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