2. Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Menstruating Less

Perhaps your period has always arrived every 28 days like clockwork. Alternatively, you may have experienced irregular periods throughout your reproductive years. Either way, if you experience sudden, drastic changes in the frequency, duration, heaviness, or timing of your monthly visitor, take notice. Keep in mind that the survival rate for ovarian cancer significantly decreases the longer it takes to obtain a diagnosis.

1. Painful Intercourse

Sex Painful

Hormonal changes, as well as pressure and irritation in the pelvic area,  can trigger ovarian cancer-related pain during sex. If an ovarian tumor is pressing against the vagina, sex may cause pain and discomfort. If you notice sudden dryness, irritation, or pain that interfere with sexual enjoyment, make sure to phone your doctor. Dr. Mitchel Hoffman of Moffitt Cancer Center states that when these symptoms are provoked by ovarian cancer, they are usually more severe and persistent than when caused by other disorders.



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