Catching Coronavirus

While doctors don’t know everything about the novel coronavirus, one thing is certain: it’s very easy to pass to others. Anyone can get the virus and while most will recover, some will not. The people at higher risk include the elderly and people with underlying health conditions.

What makes the virus hard to identify is that symptoms can vary from person to person. Since some people do not show any symptoms, they can be infecting people and not even know it! These people are called “asymptomatic” and are the biggest danger to the spread of the virus, as they are typically not self-isolating. The safest place you can be right now is in the comfort of your home. Leaving home will only increase your chances of catching the virus.

This list will show you the 10 ways you could be catching the virus without even realizing it.

10. You’re Touching Things Like Normal

Touching Surfaces

You open the door at the entrance of your apartment. You pick up the mail. You grab your keys to unlock your car. These are just a few examples. Anything that you touch that others also touch is a means to spread the virus.

9. Your Cell Phone Can Be a Carrier of the Virus

When you touch your cell phone, the virus can transfer to the surface of the phone, even if you’re wearing gloves while in public places. Experts recommend using your phone less and when you need to use it, wipe the surface with a disinfectant wipe before and after. Otherwise, you’ll risk transferring the virus from your phone to your face or mouth.



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