8. You’re Using a Shared Work Computer or Phone

Improved Work Performance

If you’re considered an essential worker right not and your work computer is shared, protect yourself by cleaning the computer with a disinfectant wipe prior to use. Make sure to clean the mouse, keyboard and screen. When you are done working, clean it for the next employee. The same goes for a work phone, as it is in close contact with your mouth.

7. You’re Buying and Selling Items on Online Marketplaces


You may be putting yourself at risk by meeting someone to buy or sell an item, even if you maintain social distancing when you meet. They could have the virus and transfer it via the surface of the item. After you sell or purchase, wipe off the item with disinfectant and wash your hands after meeting.

6. You’re Utilizing Public Transportation


One of the most likely places to contract the virus is on public transportation. You can get infected from touching surfaces or even from the air shared by thousands of people a day. The coronavirus can stay alive for up to five days on a surface. The virus is thriving in areas that rely on public transportation, such as New York and New Jersey.

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