5. You’re Picking Up Food To Go


Restaurants are trying to stay in business and many are offering food to go. Restaurants are raising the bar in their food preparation standards in order to protect customers. Hot food is considered safer right now in comparison to cold or raw foods. The packaging is the main concern for transferring the virus. Discard the container after you remove the food, and wash your hands before eating. In addition, microwaving your food will also help.

4. You’re Ordering Deliveries to Your Home

Food Delivery

While deliveries to your home may be safer than going to a store, there is still a chance you can contract the virus through packages and interaction with delivery drivers. To kill the virus, wash your hands and sanitize these surfaces with antibacterial wipes or bleach diluted with water.

3. You’re Eating Fresh Foods

Eat Your Vegetables

You will need to wash and dry any fresh foods, such as unwrapped fruit and vegetables, prior to eating. No need to use soap to wash them!

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2. You’re Not Using Gloves


It cannot be stressed enough that you should wear disposable gloves each time you leave your house and throw them away after one use. Grocery stores and gas stations are hot spots for the virus as people use carts, grab and replace items and use credit card machines. Try to avoid using cash and use a payment type that doesn’t require contact. After shopping, wash your hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap or use a hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your face while shopping as any surface could have the virus.

1. You’ve Gone Out in Public and Been Exposed To Others

Large Crowds

Social distancing has been in place to protect you from getting the virus. Going out will increase your likelihood of catching the virus. All an infected person has to do is cough or sneeze and they can transfer the virus through the air. If you breathe this air or touch the surface it’s been exposed to, you may get sick too. Stay at home if you can; otherwise wear a mask, wash your hands and keep six feet away from others. Stay safe!

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