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Most of us find ourselves occasionally slipping into habits we know are bad for us. Unfortunately, once we give in to a bad habit, it can be challenging to switch back to the positive routines that keep us feeling strong and healthy. Here are 11 habits that may not seem that harmful but, over time, can ruin your health. Fortunately, with the right mindset, you can overcome these patterns of behavior and replace them with healthful, wholesome new habits.

11. Snacking Between Meals

Nighttime Snacking

Turning to snacks between meals to pass the time, fill a void, or soothe your feelings can seem innocuous. However, over time, snacking between meals can add extra pounds. Furthermore, choosing snacks containing empty calories can deprive your body of the nutritious foods you need for energy and good health. Commit to avoiding snacking between meals unless you are really hungry. If you do need nutrition between meals, keep healthy choices on hand. Examples are a handful of raw nuts, apple slices spread with nut butter, or veggie sticks dipped in hummus.

10. Being a Couch Potato

After a long day or a long week at work, it can be tempting to plop onto your sofa and binge-watch your favorite television shows. Your body requires rest to recover from hard work and stress. However, too much time on the couch deprives your body of the exercise and endorphins it needs to keep you fit and happy. If you find you have been lounging on the couch too often, put away your remote and tie on your favorite sneakers. Replace TV time with time spent walking your dog, hiking with friends, or heading out for a bike ride.


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