3. Misusing Medications

Medication Expiration D

Your doctor may prescribe medications for pain, anxiety, or insomnia. If you find yourself overusing or misusing your medications, you may be doing your body serious harm. Overusing prescription medications can lead to dependence on these drugs. Signs your medications may be harming you include excessive sleepiness, confusion, memory loss, and frequent falls. Your doctor can help you come up with a plan to taper off of these medications. Speak with your physician about switching to other medications or using physical therapy or stress reduction techniques to ease your pain or help with sleep issues.

2. Slouching

Poor Posture

Poor posture may not seem like such a bad habit, but spending too much time slouching can be damaging to the muscles and bones of your back and spine. Maintaining good posture can help prevent or relieve back pain. Harvard Health Publishing offers four tips for improving your posture to relieve back pain. The first involves imagining a straight line running through your body from your head to your feet. The other tips involve using exercises such as squeezing your shoulder blades, stretching your upper body, and stretching each arm across your chest.

1. Skimping on Sleep

Lack Of Sleep

When you are feeling a time crunch, sleep is often the first thing to be cut from your schedule. It can also be tempting to put off the proper amount of nightly shuteye in favor of catching up on Netflix or playing video games. However, sleep is a crucial element of good health. During sleep, your body is able to heal, refresh, and re-energize itself. Make getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night a priority. If you have trouble falling asleep, help your body prepare for rest by dimming the lights and engaging in restful activities before bedtime.

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