Signs of Cancer

Men are often known to avoid the doctor at all costs and delay their visits for as long as possible, even if it costs them in the end. Knowing the 11 Early Signs of Cancer Men Should Never Ignore may very well save their lives one day. Continue reading: at the end of this article we link to – 9 Symptoms That Could Be Warning Women of Cancer.

1. Persistent Headaches


For most people, headaches are just an annoying nuisance that occurs from time to time. If they are randomly starting to occur more frequently and you do not regularly get headaches, it could be a sign of cancer. These headaches are linked to cancers that affect the brain, such as brain tumors, cancers of the upper throat, and lymphoma. Headaches can also be caused by other side effects of cancer like anemia, stress or dehydration. It is important to find out the cause of chronic headaches before it is too late to reverse them.

2. Rapid Weight Loss

rapid weight loss

Due to the increasing rate of global obesity, many men would be relieved to wake up and find out that they had lost weight overnight. However, if this happens to you and you are not actively trying to lose weight, it could be a sign of cancer. It is one of the first noticeable signs of the disease. 40% of cancer patients reported that they had experienced notable weight loss at the time of their diagnosis, while 80% of those with advanced cancer had experienced a loss of muscle as well.


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