Look for the ADA Seal of Protection


The American Dental Association (or ADA) is responsible for upholding the high standard of all dental tools and props. So look for that high-quality “ADA accepted” seal on your flossing device. This ensures that the material is non-toxic, and has been safely produced as per the stringent guidelines of the ADA.

Be Gentle on Your Gums


Again remember, your gums (or your teeth) don’t need you acting like a chainsaw. So any flossing prop or technique that brings out the aggressor in you is a sure no-no!

Dentists encourage us to gently wrap the floss (thread) below the gum line, and make repetitive circular movements for a thorough clean. This is where the germs typically hide, so take time to weed them out carefully even as you treat your gums and teeth with care. This is all the more important if you have any fillings or crown caps.

Encourage Your Children to Floss

Floss Children

Unfortunately, plaque and other dental germs are not exclusive to adults. So teach your children too to embrace this cleaning technique, even if it needs your personal supervision. Flossing not only gets rid of germs, but it also removes bad breath even as it shines up the surface of our teeth. So if you want your kids to retain their winning smile for years, teach them to floss – every single day.

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