11 Liver Damage Signs You Can’t Ignore

Liver Damage

Ultimately, everyone ages. Your organs, skin, hair, nails, lashes, and brain all decrease in vitality over time. With that being said, damage to your organs can be exacerbated by poor diet, health, and lifestyle choices. The liver is one of the main detoxifiers of the body and helps regulate toxins. Damage to your liver can be caused by prolonged and heavy consumption of alcohol. Poor liver health doesn’t just happen overnight. The signs of a damaged liver are often subtle and easy to dismiss. However, these 11 signs you absolutely cannot ignore.

11. Belly Bloat

Belly Bloat

Everyone experiences bloating now and again. However, serious liver damage will cause abdominal bloating. This happens because the liver is enlarged due to trouble filtering out what it needs to for a healthy body. Hepatomegaly is the name for an enlarged liver. Swelling of the liver is a direct result of fluid buildup. If the liver cannot filter out the proteins, it will swell. Swelling in your hands, feet, and legs are also a sign of liver damage caused by fluid buildup. Only a doctor can determine the stage and level of damage to the liver.

10. Bruising


If the liver is not working, as it should, bruises will not heal in a timely manner. As a result of liver damage, even small bruises will not heal quickly. Some small bruises can even last for over a week. Your liver provides the proteins that help assist in healing bruises promptly. Skin that will not heal is put at risk for infection and other conditions that will compromise your health. The proteins that heal bruises also assist in clotting blood. With a damaged liver, you risk being unable to stop bleeding easily.

9. Tired and Weak

Tired and weak

Weariness and fatigue happen to everyone for numerous reasons. However, fatigue symptoms that are continuous could point to something more serious than just better sleep. Liver damage can cause feelings of fatigue and weakness. When the liver is unable to filter out toxins, they build up in the body. This excess in toxin buildup can leave you feeling weak. Basic activity levels can suddenly become too exhausting or impossible. Standing for long periods of time or physical activity can prove to be too much for those with liver damage.

8. No Appetite

loss of appetite

Liver damage will suppress your appetite. For this reason, you may not feel hungry during regular mealtimes and throughout the day. As the liver struggles to filter out toxins, your body will not have an interest in food. Since the liver is already struggling to filter out the food and beverage you’ve eaten, it will not crave food during mealtimes. It’s important to talk to your doctor as soon as liver damage or disease symptoms occur. A weakened liver leaves you at risk for contracting other diseases and illness.

7. Yellow Skin and Eyes

Yellow Skin

One of the more serious liver damage signs is yellow skin and eyes. Most commonly known as jaundice, this skin abnormality can progress rapidly. For this reason, your doctor should assess any signs of jaundice immediately. The yellowing of skin occurs when the liver can no longer handle the level of waste elimination it once had before. The yellow pigment is a result of stomach bile buildup in the body. Also, a heavy accumulation of Bilirubin in the bloodstream will cause jaundice. The whites of your eyes and your skin will turn a yellow color.

6. Severe Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Stomach pain is one thing; abdominal pain as a result of liver damage is another. This isn’t just some “tummy ache”. Regular, severe abdominal pain is a direct sign of liver damage. However, there is a way to tell the difference between bad takeout and a liver that isn’t healthy. Pain that starts at the ribs or on the upper right side of your abdomen are signs of liver damage. Sometimes the pain can be so intense the only relief is to lie down. Sharp, stabbing, or debilitating pain should be assessed by a doctor immediately.