9. You’re Dizzy


A little dizziness after certain activities like a day at an amusement park is considered normal; however, when you feel dizzy for no apparent reason, you might be in trouble. Dizziness is commonly associated with heart disease and can be accompanied by pulmonary edema symptoms. Pulmonary edema limits the amount of oxygenated blood being delivered to your organs, and when your brain doesn’t receive sufficient blood, it can cause you to feel woozy.

8. Your Shoulder Aches or Is Numb

Shoulder Aches

The feeling of numbness and pain in the left shoulder is among the most widely reported heart attack symptoms and one you should not ignore. Shoulder pain can stem from a number of causes, including medical conditions like tendonitis or a rotator cuff injury, but if the pain is progressing and moving towards your chest and into your fingertips, you should immediately call 911. In some cases, pain can be experienced in the jaw and neck.

7. You’re Always Exhausted

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Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day to complete all your tasks and get a full night’s rest. There are numerous reasons why you can feel sleepy, from a lack of caffeine to poor sleep, but unshakable fatigue can also be a warning sign that your heart isn’t doing its job too well. When the heart isn’t working properly, it can limit the amount of oxygen-rich blood to your organs, thus causing you to feel drained.



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