toxic husehold items

Collectively we are becoming more conscious about not only what goes in our bodies, but what is around us in our everyday environments. Exposure to toxic chemicals from seemingly innocent household items like plastic containers, certain perfumes, and cosmetics have all shown evidence proving their role in the increase in number and severity of autoimmune diseases in adults and children. What affects one person may not affect another in the same way, and it is impossible to totally avoid exposure to toxins. However, there are actions you can take now to eliminate increased chances of developing disease or illness. Here are 11 toxic household items you should throw away now.

11. Plastic Food Containers

plastic food containers

The popularity of BPA-free containers has grown slowly over the years but often met with a “who cares” attitude. What many don’t realize is that over time plastic breaks down and releases a toxic chemical into food known as BPA. These toxins can affect the endocrine system. This system is responsible for growth hormones, the metabolism, and other important functions in the physical and chemical development of the body. To avoid disrupting your body’s natural development, switch to glass containers and BPA-free containers for worry-free food storage.

10. Prepared Food Heated in Plastic

heated food in plastic

It’s so easy to just toss a plastic container with last night’s meal in the microwave when time is of the essence. But the only place food that has been heated in a plastic container should go is the trash. As mentioned earlier, plastic breaks down over time and releases a very toxic chemical. When the food is heated in the plastic container, those chemicals are absorbed by your food. Take the extra minute or two and remove the cold food from the plastic container and place it in a microwave-safe dish. Your health is worth that extra step.



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