9. Nonstick Pans

nonstick pans

Who doesn’t love nonstick pans? They make cooking easy and cleaning up even easier! Nonstick pans may make your life easier, but they don’t make your life any healthier. Most nonstick pans contain trace elements of an acid known as PFOA, which is the key to making a nonstick pan what it is. PFOA has been linked to cancer, birth defects, and is known to stay in the bloodstream. Choose your health and invest in some quality cooking oils for zero stick and new pans.

8. Air Fresheners

air fresheners

Sure, they can make your home or car smell like a far-off lavender field, maybe somewhere in France, but they are terrible for your respiratory health. Did you know that everything you breathe in ends up in your bloodstream? The chemicals, phthalate, which are commonly found in most artificial air fresheners and wall plug-ins, have been linked to reproductive issues and upper respiratory health problems. Essential oils are a wonder, and natural alternative to artificial fragrances as are soy candles and incense. Just be mindful of fire safety.

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7. Perfumes


Marilyn Monroe is infamous for wearing only Chanel No. 5 to bed, but wearing perfume day or night is hazardous to your health. Most perfumes contain anywhere upwards to 300 different chemical ingredients, some of which include formaldehyde; the same chemical that is used to preserve the deceased. Perfume companies are very secretive about their ingredient list in fear of their competitors, but many would be appalled to learn what is in their favorite bottle. Perfumes made from natural or essential oils are a natural alternative to chemical-based perfumes.



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