9. On the Eyelids


Your eyelids protect your eyes against wind and dirt and keep them moist. When applying sunscreen, the eyelids tend to be ignored, as lotions and oils can enter and irritate the eye. However, it is important to protect your eyelids against the sun. Wear UV-protected sunglasses to protect your eyes even while you are resting or snoozing in the sun with your eyes closed. Additionally, inspect your eyelids regularly for any unusual growths or blemishes.

8. In the Ear


When performing visual skin inspections, be sure to include the area in and around your ears. While melanoma of the ear is unusual, it does occur. According to Cedars-Sinai, the first sign of basal skin carcinoma of the ear usually appears as scaly white bumps near the ear. Alternatively, a tumor within the ear canal may cause pain or result in drainage from the ear. Risk factors for this type of cancer, as well as other forms of melanoma, are fair skin and sun exposure.

7. Under the Tongue

Under The Tongue

The tongue seems a strange place for melanoma, as this body part rarely sees the light of day. However, malignant melanoma of the tongue is a rare but deadly form of skin cancer. Unlike other skin cancer that most commonly occur in persons with fair skin, those with darker skin may be more likely to develop melanoma of the tongue. Your dentist likely checks beneath your tongue for any signs of discoloration or growths during your dental examinations. Protecting your body against other forms of cancer can help prevent the risk of cancers that spread to the tongue.

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