6. Beneath the Fingernails

Beneath The Fingernails

A dark brown or black line or band on the fingernail may be a sign of nail melanoma. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nail melanoma is not related to sun exposure. Instead, this type of melanoma is often related to damage or trauma to the nail bed. There may also be a genetic component to this type of cancer. Inspect your nails regularly for signs of injury or discoloration. If you keep your nails polished or covered with artificial nails, be sure to take the time to inspect your nails between polish or artificial nail applications.

5. Between the Buttocks

Between The Buttocks

The intergluteal cleft, or crack between your buttocks, is another area that may not get a lot of sun exposure. However, melanoma has been found lurking in this region. Nude sunbathing or exposure to tanning beds can increase the risk of melanoma in this area of the body. If you expose this area of your body to the sun, then you will want to include it in visual inspections for signs of melanoma. A hand mirror can aid in the inspection of this hard-to-reach area.

4. On the Genitals

On The Genitals

Even if you never expose your genitals to UV rays, melanoma can spread to this area from other parts of the body. Be sure to mention to your doctor any unusual growths, moles, or discolorations of your private parts. Set aside any embarrassment and seek medical attention if you notice any unusual skin changes. Early treatment can help prevent the spread of cancer and decrease the risk of invasive and disfiguring surgery.

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