Tea Bag Remedies

Tea is probably the world’s oldest beverage, popular in countless cultures, and available in any number of flavors and styles. Regardless of the setting, chances are there’s a perfect tea for the moment, whether you’re trying to cool down on a sweltering summer day, fight off a cold, relax after work, or warm up on a chilly morning. While tea itself is incredibly versatile, it turns out that there’s a lot more goodness you can get out of a glass or pitcher’s worth of tea- just look in the tea bag! Read on for eleven great uses for tea bags.

11. Treating Sunburn


If you love going to the beach, but are predisposed to sunburns, this tip is for you. Tea bags, specifically tea bags containing black tea, can be helpful for relieving the symptoms that come with sunburns.  All you need to do is soak the tea bags in cold water. Do this long enough for the water to darken with the tea, and then apply the tea bags to the affected area for ten to twenty minutes at a time. This will stop itchy, flaky, painful skin. You can also use the tea, soaked into cloth, for the same effect.

10. Soothing Puffy Eyes

soothing puffy eyes

Bags under the eyes are not uncommon, given the stresses of daily life. Sometimes sleep is hard to come by. If you find yourself constantly looking haggard and worn down on account of dark bags under your eyes, it may help you to try this remedy. Hold onto used teabags and store them in the fridge until they are cool. Then, when you want to remove dark puffy circles, apply the tea bags to your eyes for up to a half hour. The caffeine present in the tea bags will work to shrink the blood vessels in your eyes.



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