Add Plants and Fresh Flowers


Being around nature automatically uplifts and raises your vibration, so it is vital to have as much nature in your home as you can. Live plants also have been shown to remove potential toxins and gasses in your environment such as formaldehyde, pesticides, and radon. Being surrounded by nature in your house also lifts up depression and improves your overall mental health. Start off with a few house plants and put them in a room you visit often (your bedroom or the living room). You can also treat yourself by getting yourself some fresh flowers to brighten up any dull room.

Paint Your Walls

Paint the Walls

The color of your walls can have a positive impact on the vibration of your home. We all have our favorite colors, but certain colors have a higher vibration than others. For example, blue can be calming and relaxing since it resembles the ocean or bodies of water. Yellow is a vibrant color that can energize or uplift a room. Green is the easiest color for your eyes and encourages feelings of calm and growth. Give your walls a facelift by painting them whatever mood you want to feel regularly.


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