7. Sip a Soothing Cup of Tea

Drinking Hot Tea

Instead of indulging in a glass of wine, you may find a soothing cup of tea helps to set the stage for a good night of sleep. Curling up in your favorite chair with a cup of warm tea can help you relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. Allow a comforting mug of chamomile tea with a splash of honey to ease away your cares as you engage in calming activities. A cup of tea goes great with quiet activities such as reading a light book, listening to soothing music, or cuddling with a loved one.

6. Dim the Lights


Bright lights and loud noises stimulate your mind and prevent you from settling into the calm rhythms that accompany a peaceful bedtime routine. Try dimming the lights an hour or so before bedtime to signal your mind that sleep will soon be found. You may enjoy lighting a candle, turning down the television, and turning on some restful tunes to prepare for slumber. Diffusing lavender essential oils can add a tranquil aroma to your home as well.

5. Limit Screen Time

Cell Phone

Avoid spending time staring at your computer screen or scrolling through your brightly lit smartphone in the hour or two before bedtime. This allows your brain relief from the blue light these devices emit. Taking an evening break from screens also allows your eyes and brain time to recover from the stress and strain of the day. Instead, try engaging in activities such as journaling, stretching, drawing, or even coloring.



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