10. The Urge to Go Comes On Quickly

The Urge

Aside from the frequent trips to the bathroom, IC patients can also experience an urgent need when nature calls. So, running to the restroom when it’s time to go is expected. “If your bladder empties in less time, it wasn’t full, and you are experiencing urinary urgency,” the authors wrote.

9. You’re Feeling Pee Shy

Feeling Pee Shy

While people with IC feel the urgent need to use the bathroom, nothing may come out once they’re there. This is partly due because their bladders weren’t full enough to require a potty stop; however, this is also a muscle problem. IC causes the pelvic floor muscles to tighten, thus making it difficult to relax and pee. Not to mention, IC patients tend to suffer from anxiety about bathroom breaks, causing a shy bladder.

8. Your Bladder Never Feels Empty

Your Bladder

Despite frequent urination, IC patients often feel like they can never get to an empty bladder. For certain people, this could be due to a tight pelvic floor muscle that makes it difficult for the bladder to contract to get out all of the urine. However, for others, the bladder might be so sensitive that they feel they still need to go, even though they’ve already gone.

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