7. Your Bladder Always Feels Full

Your Bladder Full

Bladder tightness and compression are some of the symptoms often described by patients who feel they constantly have a full bladder. People also mention that they feel pressure a few inches below their belly button. If left untreated, a dull pressure could turn into severe pain.

6. Your Bladder Hurts Like Crazy

Bladder Hurts

Extreme pain in the urethra or around the bladder could be a symptom of IC. “Patients have described it as a twisting knife, an acidic kind of burning, or the feeling that there is ground glass in the bladder and urethra,” the authors wrote.

5. Bathroom Breaks Get in the Way of Your Sleep

Bathroom Breaks

Getting up during the night to go to the bathroom is normal; however, getting up multiple times could be a sign you may have IC. When you sleep, your bladder is slowly and constantly filling. Normally people don’t notice until it’s full, but for people with IC and a sensitive bladder, the sensation is present. “The slow trickle of urine into the bladder can be enough that the body interprets it as a ‘wake up and go’ signal,” the authors wrote.

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