10. Pain When Urinating

Pain When Urinating

As if it weren’t bad enough that you have to pee frequently, you may also find urinating to be painful. Since the structures of the urinary tract are connected, pain and inflammation can occur all the way from your urethra up to your kidneys. This means urine can cause burning and pain as it travels through your urethra. While cranberry juice has long been purported to cure urinary tract infections, the evidence is not clear. What is known is that drinking plenty of water is good for urinary tract health.

9. Smelly or Cloudy Urine

Cloudy Urine

As bacteria ferment in your urinary tract, you may notice your urine taking on a foul smell. Urine can become cloudy as your white blood cells form to fight off the infection. A combination of white blood cells and bacteria can contribute to the cloudy appearance of pee. Other causes of cloudy urine are kidney stones, sexually transmitted diseases, vaginitis, and diabetes.

8. Fever


Fever can be an indication of a kidney infection. In fact, in very young children fever may be the only symptom of this infection. To help prevent kidney infections from occurring, be sure to drink plenty of water. Listen to your body’s cues and head to the restroom when you feel the need to urinate. Urinating and washing the genitals after sexual intercourse can help to prevent urinary tract infections. Wipe from front to back following a bowel movement to prevent bacteria from reaching your urethra.

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