Is your poor metabolism getting you down every morning? This is sure to trouble you through the rest of your day. The state of your metabolism is the driving force behind how you feel about your body, yourself, your moods, your work, and your very life.

When your metabolism is lethargic, you continue feeling bored, sluggish, and totally uninspired to do what you have to. Don’t let a poor metabolism keep you from meeting your daily goals. With these 12 simple solutions, you can revitalize yourself in very little time.

Water, water, everywhere!

Plain water can pump up your metabolism like nothing else will. It is the best way to kickstart a massive metabolic cleanse. So begin your day with a fresh glass of water, or even two, within minutes of waking up. Your essential metabolic functions are immediately awakened.

This, in turn, will force a “toxin flush-out” soon after, literally and figuratively. So you spend the rest of your day with a body that is light and easy, a mind that is calm and restful, and a mood that is surprisingly upbeat and happy. Go you!

A lemon, a spoon, and a pinch of honey

Missed your morning dose of H2O? Don’t worry; we have an even better solution: a classic lemon and honey drink will jump in as your metabolic saver. Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of lukewarm water, and drink up at least 20 minutes before your breakfast. If you are prone to acidity or other stomach troubles, you can also add a pinch of pure, organic honey. This not only makes it tastier, but it will also go down easier.

Together, this combination is an excellent metabolic booster and does a clean flush of toxins from your system. Other alternatives include green tea or a fresh glass of ginger drink. These natural beverages will also enhance your digestive system, which in turn keeps your metabolism in mint condition.



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