10. Yawning


Yawning is something that isn’t completely understood, but there are some theories to the purpose of a yawn, and what they might mean for the body’s health. A recent study suggests that yawns play a role in oxygenation of the blood and cooling of the brain, two things which improve bodily efficiency. If you find yourself yawning during exercise, perhaps this explains it, as exercise heats the body and the muscles need more oxygen during this time. However, excessive yawning during exercise might suggest problems with the circulatory system cooling the body and bringing oxygen to where it is needed most.

9. Lightheadedness


We’ve all been there: you’ve been sitting for a while, then suddenly stand up, and you’re dizzy and lightheaded. This phenomenon is called orthostatic hypotension. While it only lasts for the few moments it takes your body to acclimatize, for some people, it may persist for much longer. This can be indicative of heart trouble, particularly for those below 50. It suggests issues with blood flow, and according to researchers, those who experience longer periods of orthostatic hypotension are more likely to suffer heart failure at some point. Certain exercises help remedy this problem, but seeing a doctor is important.

8. Shortness of Breath

Shortage Of Breath
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Speaking of oxygenation and lightheadedness, if you find yourself experiences shortness of breath when you exercise and even when you moderately exert yourself outside of workouts, you might have a problem. This is especially the case if you are otherwise fit. You might also find yourself subdued by bouts of coughing. Shortness of breath has a number of causes, and sometimes trouble with heart valves may be the culprit. If your shortness of breath persists without other potential causes, such as various respiratory infections, or bad habits like smoking, it could be a matter of heart, rather than lung, trouble.



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