5. Tito’s Vodka


When hand sanitizer supplies were running short, many individuals looked to the internet to find a recipe to make hand sanitizers themselves (see Hand Sanitizer: Homemade to Fight COVID 19).

The problem with using Tito’s vodka: Hand sanitizer must contain 60% alcohol and Tito’s only contains 40%. The company set the record straight and launched a campaign to prevent misinformation.

4. Red Cross Home Tests

Covid 19 Symptoms

Scammers are going door to door claiming that they are from the Red Cross. The Red Cross has issued a statement that they are not offering at-home coronavirus tests.

They suggest that you call the police immediately if anyone is claiming they are offering tests from the Red Cross.

3. Zinc


“The information from medical studies shows that if the correct form of zinc is used it could reduce the severity of the symptoms and the length of time someone is sick with a cold,” states Timonthy Brown, clinical associate professor of pharmacy practice at Northeast Ohio Medical University in Rootstown.

Using this logic, people are stocking up on zinc supplements, and sales have risen 200%. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is a very different type of virus than the cold viruses that we are used to. There is not any evidence to support that zinc works for COVID-19.

Also, taking too much zinc can cause problems such as anemia and can harm your immune system.

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