5. Lymphedema


According to Medline Plus, lymphedema is a condition in which white blood cells build up in the soft tissues of the body. This can occur due to infection, cancer, scar tissue, or inherited diseases. Exercise, compression, massage, and the use of compression sleeves or stockings may help treat this condition.

4. Medications

Medications Work

Some prescription medicines may have the undesirable side effect of swelling in the feet or ankles. Medscape lists several prescription and over-the-counter drugs that may cause swelling of the feet or ankles. They include certain blood pressure medications, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, hormone replacement therapies, and certain ulcer medications.

3. Obesity


The pressure of carrying extra weight can cause fluid to pool in your feet or ankles. To maintain a healthy weight, consume a diet consisting of lean proteins, fiber-rich whole grains, and nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables. Avoid the empty calories associated with processed foods, fast food, and sugary snacks or sodas. Drink plenty of water and provide your body with aerobic exercise and strength training.



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