11. Don’t Snack Before Bed

Nighttime Snacking

A full stomach pushes up when you lay down and can easily lead to acid reflux. Avoid snacking before bed so heartburn doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night. Ideally, you should avoid eating anything two hours before bed.

10. Drink Baking Soda and Water

baking soda

If you start to feel heartburn, mix a little baking soda in warm water and sip the beverage. The solution will help reduce the acid and soothe your throat and esophagus. The alkaline pH of the baking soda will quickly neutralize the acid in your stomach, which is what causes the unpleasant burning sensation.

9. Drink Ginger or Peppermint Tea


Ginger tea is very soothing to the stomach. In fact, pregnant women regularly turn to ginger ale to ease their upset stomach during the first trimester. Ginger also appears to reduce acid buildup. If you opt to enjoy a cup of ginger tea, add honey as a natural sweetener. Peppermint tea is another option that works like ginger tea but with a strong mint flavor.

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