You may be wondering why you are not losing your stubborn excess fat deposits and body weight even after following a strict diet and exercise regiment. It is possible your progress in losing fat is being hampered because of misguided or outdated advice.

Here are some of the major mistakes that prevent many people from losing excess fat pockets or weight despite their efforts to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle:

Focusing only on the weight scale

weight scale

The weight scale is only an instrument to keep track of your weight change. Your body weight is influenced by various factors such as fluid fluctuations and the quantity of food present in your body. A rise in estrogen levels and hormonal variations in women could also lead to an increase in water retention, which gets reflected on a weight scale. It is a prudent idea to measure your waistline with a tape measure every month rather than focus only on a weight scale.

Frequent dieting

Frequent dieting

Excess of anything is bad – including dieting. In your desperation to acquire a slim figure and reduce body weight, if you try too many different diet plans or resort to frequent dieting, it might do more harm than good. According to some studies, about ten percent of women go on a diet on an average of five times a year. This could lead to serious fluctuations in the metabolism, and create resistance to weight loss.


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