3. Bedside Tray

Bedside Tray

The rolling cart that swivels over your bed to hold your meal tray can hold more than just your water cup and dinner plate. Since this is another item that is handled by many people, from healthcare workers to patients, it is also an object that may be home to illness-causing bacteria or viruses. Don’t be afraid to wipe down the cart with a disinfecting wipe and ask others to wash their hands before handling it.

2. Faucet Handles


We all know that germs reside in bathrooms, but any sink faucet can harbor germs, regardless of whether or not it is located in a restroom. Since faucet handles are hard surfaces touched by many different people, they are another place where germs can be transferred. To make the most of your hospital visit and ensure you don’t have any additional healthcare issues, use a paper towel to turn the faucet handle off after washing your hands or using the water.

1. Armrests on Furniture


Chairs and other pieces of furniture are items that might not get a good disinfecting all that often. Given the number and variety of people that may use hospital furniture, it might be a good idea to give them a quick wipe with disinfectant to prevent the transfer of bacteria such as MRSA or VRE.

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