Frequent Mood Disorders


Anger, crankiness, and emotional outbursts are common emotions that are considered normal, but chronic mood swings are not a good sign. Regular mood swings can indicate that there is a hormonal imbalance. If such symptoms are not addressed, they may gradually lead to severe depression, anxiety, immune system dysfunction, and even cancer. The longer the problem is allowed to continue, the greater the chances are of subsequent problems escalating.

Perennial Low Energy


Energy is the first thing that starts getting low when your body begins to malfunction. One of the reasons for this is that most of your energy is consumed by a burdened digestive system and liver. Consequently, there is not much energy left to enjoy normal physical activities and mental processes. Low energy can also indicate thyroid, renal, and hormone imbalances generated by a lack of nourishment, stress or disease.

Poor Sleep Patterns


You may dismiss irregular sleep as something not very consequential, but it could be a harbinger of more serious health issues or a hormonal imbalance, and should be promptly addressed. Poor quality of sleep will also age you faster, both internally and externally, and is bad for your overall well-being.

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