Brittle Nails and Hair


Do not blame weather conditions, rain, or cold for nails and hair that are brittle. These may indicate that something is wrong with you internally. Poor nail and hair health is a sign of fundamental deficiencies and reveals inadequate protein intake, dehydration, lack of certain minerals and vitamins, or an underactive thyroid.

Height Loss


Yes, it is possible! A noticeable loss of height means that your bones are degenerating due to osteoporosis. Aging does not have to be accompanied by bone loss, and if you find yourself in such a condition, consult your medical practitioner because osteoporosis can lead to a humpback or hip fracture.

Cracked Lips and Increased Snoring


Cracked lips, also referred to as cheilitis, is a sign of vitamin B deficiencies, especially vitamin B 12. Such a deficiency can put you at a higher risk of anemia. Snoring can sometimes be an early indicator of sleep apnea. It is a sleep disorder that leads to an obstruction in the airways, thereby putting you at a higher risk of pulmonary hypertension and, in some cases, heart failure.

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