12. Wear Socks to the Airport

Wear Socks

Protect your feet from germs by wearing shoes and socks when flying. If you don’t go barefoot in the showers at your local gym, you won’t want to go barefoot while making your way through airport security. Avoid picking up fungal infections and keep your tootsies safe and sanitary by wearing socks inside your shoes instead of wearing sandals or flip-flops. To streamline the process, wear a comfy pair of slip-on shoes you can easily take off and slip back on once you are through security.

11. Carry Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes

Good old-fashioned soap and water are more than adequate for keeping your hands and surfaces sanitary at home. While traveling, protect your vacation investment and your health by carrying antibacterial wipes and hand gel. These handy products can help fend off germs beginning at the airport. Use them to wipe down the armrests on waiting room chairs at the gate. Give the airplane tray table a good scrubbing before using it to hold your belongings. Since making your way to the restroom in flight can be tricky, use antibacterial gel to disinfect your hands before eating on the plane.

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10. Open the Airplane Air Vent

Airplane Air Vent

Being trapped in an airplane with hundreds of strangers, some of whom may be sick, carries the potential for coming down with an illness. While you may be tempted to turn off the little air vent above your head, doing so will increase your chances of falling ill. According to Travel and Leisure, keeping the air vent on during a flight creates air currents that prevent bacteria from settling in your space. Rather than spending the journey surrounded by a cloud of microbes, you can use the air vent to blast the germs down toward your lap and away from your face.



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